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Tribal Turban.
Our Handmade Turbans are so stylish and fun. This is perfect for that little one you know, stretch over her head and its time to style and profile.
This turban is ready to ship! 1 day processing time with 2 shipping available. 
Our Sizing Chart:
NB: 0-3 Months; 13-16 inches
XS: 3-6 Months; 16-18 inches
S: 6-12 Months; 18-20 inches
M: 1-4 Years;  20-22 inches
L: 5-10 Years; 22-24 inches
ADULT: 11+ Years; 24-26 inches 
Email us with any questions:

Due to the delicate nature of our material we advise you to handwash and/or spot treat to maintain the shape.

Tribal Turban

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