Size: Newborn- Adult 

100% Satin Bonnet (satin color may vary)
Sizes Newborn- Adult
Match W/ Babygirl “Mommy & Me”

Our Sizing Chart:
NB: 0-3 Months > 13-16 inches
XS: 3-6 Months >16-18 inches
S: 6-12 Months >18-20 inches
M: 1-4 Years >20-22 inches
L: 5-10 Years >22-24 inches
ADULT: 11+ Years > 24-26 inches

Benefits: 100% satin bonnets are essential to extending the life of hairstyles, preventing frizz, and retaining moisture and length while you get your Zzzz in and sleep pretty..Your store brought bonnet is made of nylon and other fabrics. Our 100% satin bonnets provide major benefits wrapped up in cuteness. You will never go back. Let us help you make your hair processes seamless.

Jeanie 100% Satin Bonnet


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