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Exclusive ( Will not return) 

A Timeless. Statement. Work of Wearable Art.


3 n 1: 100% satin bonnet, headband & headwrap

Colors: Shades of Brown, Sliver 

Size: One size fits all


This Sequins Fabric with a Cheetah Animal Pattern is a beautiful add on to any dress. This Bonnet to Wrap includes a 100% satin bonnet and a wrap tie piece that can be used to wrap your bonnet to make a headwrap or just rock as a headband. The sequins along with the Cheetah pattern design makes this bonnet to wrap a look you can’t pass up. 




⊱ Content: 100% Nylon


⊱ Stretch: No Stretch 




Hand Wash 

Eshe' Set

$90.00 Regular Price
$38.00Sale Price
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