Our 2oz Rosewater replenishes lost of moisture and makes hair more manageable, smoother, shiner and healthier. Plus, the natural anti-inflammatory properties of rosewater can help reduce dandruff. It's stimulating properties increase ciculation and promotes hair growth. This is a great liquid for your LCO or LOC method. Water is the moisture while cream and oil is the sealant. 

Glycerin is heavy in humectants, which are made to pull moisture into the hair and retain it. 

  • Promote hair growth
  • Condition hair
  • Reduce scalp inflammation
  • Strengthen your hair from the root
  • Get rid of dandruff
  • Reduce oiliness on your scalp
  • Reduce hair loss
  • Reduce product buildup on your scalp


4 week shelf life, refrigerate to get a longer shelf life. 

Cyber Monday- Rosewater- 2 oz