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When it's time for our children to go to bed we think of dinner, a warm bath & a bedtime story. A hair care regiment is extremely important for natural hair retention and growth. There are 2 simple easy steps you want to take to ensure a healthy nighttime routine for your little one.

1. Seal in Moisture.

This is where you use the LOC method on your little ones hair. LOC stands for Liquid Oil Cream. Apply a moisturizing liquid or leave in conditioner, then apply a hair oil and seal it with a daily butter cream.

2. Wear A Bonnet.

A satin hair bonnet is an essential in natural hair care. Sleeping with a satin bonnet prevents split ends and protects your hair from drying out throughout the night. Cotton not only dries the hair out but also causes tangling and thinning. You may be thinking.......I will just go to the local beauty store and get a hair bonnet. Well, the truth is the store satin bonnet does not have the same quality as the Ziza Boutique bonnet, we pride ourselves with quality 100% satin that will last and do it's job. We also make it custom to fit with many colors and designs that can make it fun for your little one. Don't sleep on Ziza Boutique bonnets and definitely don't sleep without one.

Beauty Store Hair Bonnet


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* The earlier you start your little one with a regiment the better, you will find them asking you for their bonnet.

* Be sure to have their hair in some type of protective style under the bonnet to prevent tangling even if it's four large twist.

* Keep your bonnet clean, give it a nice wash every 2-3 weeks.

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