Moisturizing Oil Vs. Sealing Oil

Have you ever thought to yourself I'm just going to use this oil today only to find yourself confused as to why your hair is still feeling and looking dry. Well, when you are completing your LCO method it is important to know what oils to use. There is a difference between oils that seal and oils that moisture.

Moisturizing oils is an oil that is used to penetrate the shaft of the hair and actually moisture the hair, not all oils moisturize your scalp and penetrates growth. Some moisturizing oils are coconut oil (my favorite) ,olive oil and avocado oil. I like to use these oils as a pre-poo melting my coconut oil down with low heat and adding olive oil and avocado oil . I let it sit in the refrigerator for 20 mins take it out and whip it. This makes it extremely easy to apply without all the mess. It's super great especially for our little ones. I will then put on a shower cap and the towel bonnet it to keep the heat in and rinse out after 20- 30 mins. Your hair will love you for it and will be ready for shampooing.

Sealing oils like jamaican black castor oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil are most useful for adding shine and luster. It is great during the LCO method to lock and seal in moisture.


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