"Dressing your little one for Autumn"

Fall is a very beautiful inviting season but can be extremely unpredictable. The weather gets cooler and it is a perfect time to style and dress your child for the weather. It can be hours before you figure out what to put on your little one but Ziza Boutique is here to help! These 5 tips will have you ready to play & style your little one for the fall! Let's get into it.....

1. Layers! Layers! Layers!

The mornings and evenings may be the coolest times during the day. Therefore you want to start off with an undershirt and layer up with a sweater or my favorite a jean jacket! A beautiful skirt with legging or sweater tights will get the job done!

Tip: Always keep a extra jacket in the car and/or at the daycare center for your little one. You will love us for this one!

2. It's Turban Weather for Sure!

Keep your turban in site for your little one! As the weather is unpredictable it is important that your little one is keeping her head warm to keep her from getting a head cold and plus she will be super cute!

3. Closed- Toe Shoes

Although it may get warm during the day sandal wearing is over. Keeping your little ones feet covered will help them stay nice and warm and protect their feet from the wood chips on the playground!

4. Easy Clothes Features

Over the head, zippers, and snaps may be the easiest when helping your little one add or take off clothes. It will also prevent accidents if your little one isn't potty trained.

5. Car Seat Safety!

Although we are trying to stay warm always remember safety first! Your little one should not wear a coat while in the car seat, it can leave a danger amount of space underneath the harness not allowing the car seat to do it's job. Thin layers in the car with her turban should do, just make the temperature in the car nice and comfy!

Hope this helps you get through the fall with a breeze! Have fun with dressing your little one, add cute purses and jewelry too! All items above can be found at Zizaboutique.com Save $2.00 on our Fox Set. Coupon Code: TINYTIP1

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