Do's & Don'ts For Natural Hair Growth

Let's be honest! Natural hair is a true challenge! You are consistently trying new products and trying to find the best ways to retain length. While it is extremely challenging it is also very versatile. We can do so much with our hair that it's unbelievable and definitely a god given gift! With that being said..... there are something's that we absolutely need to do and something's that are complete NOOOOOnnnoooo's!

Please DO!

Food Matters:

Eating a well balanced diet is not just for your health but also your hair. A diet with lots of fruits, veggies, protein will help you feel and look good inside and out!

Water..Water & More WATER!

Keep yourself hydrated! Most of the juices from the store do nothing for our bodies. If you don't like water add some lemon juice, fruit or give coconut water a try!

Keep your hands out of your hair!

Protected styles like buns, two strand twist, braids, cornrows, french braids are great daily styles that require little maintenance.

Get on a ROUTINE!

Have a regular routine for washing and conditioning your hair. Neglecting to remove product buildup from your hair may lead to dryness and breakage

Wear a BONNET to bed!

Wearing a satin bonnet to bed protects your hair at night! Many don't know this is a game changer when it comes to retaining length and moisture! It is extremely important to wear your 100% satin bonnet to reframe for extreme


Use Microfiber Towel when drying hair!

It is so important to not use cotton while drying your hair hence the reason why you sleep with satin. Microfiber drys your hair without drying it out. Ziza Boutique offers a Microfiber double sided bonnet making wash day extremely easy!

Please DON'T

Over use heating tools!

As heat can allow your hair to be more manageable it is important to not over use it as it can cause severe damage.

Don't Rush!

It is important to take your time with your hair whether it be washing, detangling etc. Be patient to get the results you want.

Use Plastic Combs!

Plastic comb doesn't hold moisture in like a sandalwood comb. Sandalwood is pores which allows the oils to go throughout your hair. Check Ziza Boutique for more details.

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