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Mommy of 2 Ziza Boutique specializes in children's accessories. We have the best hand picked & handmade selection that is chosen with care by Imani Israel. We even add to selected inventory to make it the most unique quality products. Ziza Boutique is inspired by Imani's first born Ziza My'an. We love to spread the love at a great price. 

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Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy is our newborn to 12months selection. Here is where you will find your little ones bibs, hats, turbans, headband, scarfs, stockings and much more. Always keep in mind everything is chosen with love and care. Enjoy the boutique as we will always have new pieces. 


Your little one is now 12months-5 years old. You will find your hats, turbans, purses, jewelry, stockings, scarfs and much more. Let your little one be a little lady with fashion and style. Maybe even allow them to choose which they like from our broad selection. Proverbs 31 in training! 


Your little one is in between ... Tween.

This selection is providing beautiful accessories to make your tween feel just as beautiful as she is. This selection includes jewelry, purses, journals, head jewels and much more. 

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