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Thank you for having great taste & shopping with us! Here at Ziza Boutique LLC. we put the "T" in Trendsetter. Our unique selection and HANDMADE exclusives can't be found anywhere but @ ZB. Quality is what we live for, Be sure to shop our exquisite collections. We hope to make this a experience you will never forget.

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Tri-Beauty Bonnet to Wrap

Yes! This is a BONNET! You sleep pretty then turn it into a SLAY! Add a piece & it's a wrap literally!


Hide that Cheetah Double Satin Bonnet

All Bonnets are handmade & has 100% satin inside which is made to last! Everyone has a bonnet but not every bonnet has 100% satin to protect your hair from friction which causes breakage. Retain length with our quality bonnets.

          Size Newborn-Adult


T-Shirt & Microfiber Towel Bonnet

Is your shower cap a towel? Is your towel a shower cap? Our reversible towel bonnet is perfect for deep conditioning, daily shower cap use & drying after wash day! Microfiber is the best for your hair....


Cheetah Turban

Our handmade turbans comes in size Newborn-Adult. They are pre-tied so you put it on like a hat! Super easy with 4-way stretch to ensure a great fit!


Ditch the Plastic! Upgrade to Sandalwood as it helps retain moisture as you comb to prevent breakage.


Herbal Hair Clay Kit

Herbal hair care is the way to go! It promotes hair growth and is all natural! It's no better way to go! 

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